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I am Irina Sotnikova. I live in St. Petersburg. I’ve been collecting thimbles since 1996. It’s a pity, but Russian thimbles have unassuming place in my collection. My collection isn’t too large and generally it has foreign thimbles. They are beautiful and cognitive (for example, the thimble with Russian thimble portrait of Friderick II, it was defined with the help of years of his birth and death after I’d looked through encyclopedias). The thimble with portrait of pretty girl hasn’t been defined by me so far, because there is no time. Afterwards I’m going to make a web page about foreign thimbles in my site.
It’s a pity, that only few people in Russia collect Russian thimbles. But not everything is so bad as it seems. During my wandering in Internet I met people who are fond of the same theme as me. They are Lubov Blinova from "Radova-quilt" club, Larisa Dergachova who is engaged in scrappy needlework, designer Alexander Moniak collected 70 rarity thimbles, Mitya from pop-group "Hi-Fi" collects thimbles too. There is "Rarity" club, which unites collectors of different trends, including those who collect thimbles.
I understand quite well that my site is far from a high degree of perfection, but don’t judge me too strictly, please. If offended me greatly when I found out that there were no information about my hobby in Russian Internet, that’s why I had to become webmaster myself and gather crumbs of knowledge about Russian thimbles. I’m going to improve my site and so I’ll be glad to take any of your assistance especially if you help me to find new information about Russian thimbles. I want to thank individually my sons for their support and nuggets of information.

This article has been written one year ago, therefore I shall bring in some corrective amendments: it was possible to find pretty girl and to create the page "Foreign thimbles ".

If you wish to learn more about Russian thimbles, look at the Russian version of the website.

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© Irina Sotnikova, 2004

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